Framework for safe, open, collaborative and inclusive digitization and management
of cultural heritage

Digital Culture for All

Embracing Openness, Collaboration, and Inclusion in the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

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REEVALUATE embraces diverse voices and perspectives, fostering inclusive collaboration in the digitization of cultural heritage assets.


REEVALUATE empowers communities and stakeholders to actively participate in preserving and reimagining their cultural heritage through digitization.


REEVALUATE pioneers cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, driving innovation in the sustainable management and creative reuse of cultural heritage artifacts.


REEVALUATE accelerates progress in the digitization of cultural heritage, maximizing societal and economic benefits while ensuring ethical and sustainable practices.


Cultural Heritage

REEVALUATE is a HORIZON EUROPE project that aims to provide a holistic solution to the challenges faced by the cultural heritage sector in digitising their collections.

Join us in reevaluating the possibilities of the digitisation of cultural heritage!

Key objectives

Management of cultural heritage

The digitisation of CH artefacts is an exhaustive on-going process that requires vast amounts of money invested in order to be achieved.

Democratic digitization

The non-inclusion of the general public from the prioritisation and contextualisation process of the digitised artefacts, hinders a wider societal impact as it exposes the audience to cultural heritage only through a passive/receptive experience.

Reuse of the digital cultural assets

REEVALUATE will empower collaborations, between cultural sector and stakeholders related to the creative reuse of artefacts, through a set of collaboration and accessibility enablers.

Organize cultural heritage data

REEVALUATE will develop a framework for managing digitised artefacts’ copyrights, monitoring and preventing out of context use or misuse.

Real world Pilot Cases

The framework developed will be validated through 3 pragmatic and realistic pilot cases, spanning in two iterations, that will assess its effectiveness and appropriateness.

Business Plan development

REEVALUATE will actively and systematically deal with the adoption and reusability of its outcomes. A set of business models will be produced that will guide potential interested parties on the use of the framework in real-world applications and settings.

Use cases

Fashion Time Machine

Applying the REEVALUATE framework to bring together the Cultural Heritage Industry the Video Game Industry and the Textile Industry

From Museums to Screens

Leveraging the REEVALUATE framework to enable digitized CH Artefacts usage in Creative and Sustainable Advertising

Virtual Tourism

Leveraging REEVALUATE to empower communities to take an active role in the management and promotion of their CH

Use cases