At a Glance


REEVALUATE is a HORIZON EUROPE project that aims to provide a holistic solution to the challenges of Cultural Heritage (CH) digitisation management, that enables collaboration, boosts creative reuse and promotes democratic and inclusive prioritisation and contextualisation. After assessing the current pitfalls and opportunities of CH digitisation, the project will develop a modular framework that facilitates each stage of a digitised artefact’s life cycle (prioritisation, contextualisation, storage, collaboration and reuse) through a set of technological enablers, free versions of which will be made available by the consortium for integration to the ECCCH

The whole framework is centred around the participation of all involved stakeholders, to whom it provides enablers to express their view on CH artefacts but also to reuse them effectively. AI techniques will be employed throughout the framework to assist the manual contextualisation, to improve prioritisation through public sensing, to visualise creative ideas of reuse, to propose collaborations and cases for reuse, and to validate the context of the reused artefacts. The framework also deals with the secure storage of the digitised artefacts and frames the intellectual property rights through CH object tokenization and the introduction of smart contracts for reuse. The framework also comes with a standardised semantic representation of the artefact’s metadata in order to improve its accessibility and discoverability and enable automated discovery of digitised CH object misuses. 

The aforementioned enablers of REEVALUATE can be used separately or as whole depending on the needs of the CH institution. REEVALUATE will provide a toolset to the European CH sector for managing their digitised collections effectively, opening the process to the society and potentially empower the creation of societal value, through the creative reuse of digitised CH.