Concept & Approach

The digitization process for cultural artefacts involves several key phases, including artefact selection, digitization, storage, contextualization, and reuse. 

The overall concept of REEVALUATE is to guide each step of the digital lifecycle of cultural artefacts. We will develop various enablers and tools, both technological and non-technological, to empower and automate the process where possible. These tools and enablers will be tailored to meet the real needs of stakeholders, ensuring their effectiveness and adoption. Our solution will be rooted in the principles of co-design and co-creation, maximizing societal value and promoting collaboration and creative reuse of digitized artefacts. 

The REEVALUATE approach will offer a practical framework, allowing cultural heritage institutions to manage parts or the whole of the digitisation process. Throughout the project, we will employ Human-Centred Design approach, ensuring that the resulting framework is based on the real needs of stakeholders and designed to empower them rather than impose a solution on them. Qualitative inquiries involving different stakeholders will inform the framework’s design. Furthermore, the final solution will undergo a comprehensive evaluation. The polyphony of the partners of the consortium will help to approach the framework from different angles to guarantee its adoption from the wider cultural heritage community.