Fashion Time Machine

Fashion Time Machine

Reusing Digitized Artefacts to Create a Fashion-Themed Mobile Game and Personalized Garments 

The first use case involves collaboration with Europeana Fashion Heritage Association, MoMu – Fashion Museum Antwerp, and two SMEs NURO and FibreMood to validate our comprehensive framework for managing digitized cultural artefacts in the fashion and gaming industries. 

We’ll start by selecting fashion heritage items from MoMu – Fashion Museum, including garments, accessories, and sketches. These digitized artifacts will undergo a collaborative contextualization process facilitated by REEVALUATE’s Contextualization Enabler, ensuring standardized and easily accessible outcomes.

NURO will use these digitized artifacts to develop “Fashion Time Machine,” a mobile game app allowing players to design virtual outfits from different fashion eras. The game, featuring educational elements, will interface with our AI-driven Creative Reuse Enabler, supporting players in creating new designs. 

Meanwhile, MoMu will share digitized artifacts with FibreMood, enabling sewers to personalize patterns for unique garments. Our Collaboration Enabler will mediate collaborations, ensuring efficient search, retrieval, and copyright agreements via DLT-based asset tokenization and IPR management. 

Finally, our Context Validation Enabler will verify artifact usage within the game. This pilot showcases REEVALUATE’s framework effectiveness in managing digitized CH artifacts, ensuring accessibility, proper utilization, and preservation.