Virtual Tourism

From Public Sensing to Virtual Tours

The Case of Aquileia

This use case demonstrates how the REEVALUATE framework empowers a small community deeply connected to Cultural Heritage to manage their digitization actively. Fondazione Aquileia and 3DR are partnering in digitizing artifacts and sites from Aquileia’s ancient city, closely tied to the local community since 180/181 BC. 

Through the Public Sensing Prioritization Enabler, citizens will select assets for digitization. After digitization by 3DR, citizens will provide context collaboratively using the Contextualization Enabler, balancing various perspectives. KPIs will measure involvement, prioritization votes, and contextualization effectiveness.

3DR will create a virtual tour of selected artifacts, and an IPR manager will establish smart contracts. The context validator will ensure appropriate use of context. KPIs will gauge technology acceptance, tour views, and participant satisfaction. 

This pilot demonstrates REEVALUATE’s effectiveness in supporting an open and democratic contextualization pipeline and managing the reuse of digitized artifacts while maintaining proper context and IPR.