Use cases

The REEVALUATE framework will be applied through 3 real-life use cases/pilots in 3 different European regions with different CH and policy landscapes to validate its applicability across Europe.

The 3 foreseen pilots of REEVALUATE which span 3 CCI sectors (Gaming, Fashion,Advertising) and also the Tourism Sector will assist in materializing the project’s ambitions to validate the proposed framework and tools and communicate a blueprint of best practices for all stakeholder to navigate through the digital transition successfully.

The REEVALUATE uses cases/pilots are described bellow:

Use case overview

This pilot use case represents a groundbreaking collaboration among EFHA, MoMu – Fashion Museum Antwerp, NURO, and FibreMood, aiming to demonstrate a novel framework for the management of digitized cultural heritage (CH) artefacts within the Fashion and Game industries. This project entails the digitization of various fashion heritage artefacts from MoMu, including garments, accessories, and sketches, followed by their contextualization through a wide-ranging collaborative process involving the public, stakeholders, and industry experts. A key component of this initiative is the development of a fashion-themed mobile game app by NURO, titled “Fashion Time Machine.” This game will enable players to design and customize virtual outfits using elements from the digitized CH artefacts, with different levels inspired by various fashion eras or themes. This initiative aims not only to preserve these digitized artefacts but also to leverage them in engaging and educational applications, validating REEVALUATE’s comprehensive approach to CH artefact management.

REEVALUATE enablers used: Contextualisation enabler, AI-driven creative reuse enabler, Collaboration enabler, DLT based asset tokenisation & IPR management, Context Validator

Detailed Description

Use case overview:

This pilot use case is a collaborative initiative aimed at exploring the REEVALUATE’s application in the digitization of cultural heritage (CH) artefacts for use in the Creative Industries, especially advertising. Partnering with the FFP, the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki, and the Ethnological Museum of Berlin (SMB), the pilot will initially digitize a range of artefacts, from historical photographs to objects showcasing global cultures and Olympic heritage. A key aspect is engaging the public in selecting artefacts for digitization through interactive campaigns.

Following digitization, these artefacts are given context through stories and perspectives from various cultures, emphasizing inclusivity. FFP will then use these artefacts to create a video clip for a sports brand, highlighting the brand’s commitment to respect and unity through sports. The commercial will feature diverse athletes, showcasing their stories and cultures via the digitized artefacts, underlining sports’ unifying power. This pilot demonstrates the impactful use of digitized cultural heritage in advertising to promote unity and respect, forging deeper audience connections while highlighting the capabilities of the REEVALUATE framework.

REEVALUATE enablers used: Public Sensing Prioritization Enabler, Contextualisation enabler, Collaboration enabler, DLT based asset tokenisation & IPR management Enabler, Context Validation Enabler

Detailed Description

Use case overview

This pilot use case explores the REEVALUATE framework’s capacity to engage a tightly-knit community in the digitization and management of their cultural heritage (CH), ensuring the contextual use of CH artefacts reflects the community’s identity. This initiative involves Fondazione Aquileia and 3DR, focusing on digitizing selected artefacts and sites from the ancient city of Aquileia, significant to the local community inhabiting the area since 180/181 BC. The community will play a pivotal role in selecting these assets for digitization through a participatory approach.

Following the digitization process executed by 3DR, the community will again collaborate, this time to provide context for the assets, aiming to find a balance between diverse viewpoints and the curatorial perspective. 

The end result will be a virtual tour showcasing the digitized artefacts, with a smart contract IPR management system in place to govern the collaboration between Aquileia and 3DR. This pilot aims to demonstrate the REEVALUATE framework’s effectiveness in fostering an inclusive, democratic approach to CH digitization and management, emphasizing the proper use of digitized artefacts in terms of intellectual property rights and contextual integrity.

REEVALUATE enablers used: Public Sensing Prioritization Enabler, Contextualisation enabler, Context Validation Enabler, DLT based asset tokenisation & IPR management Enabler

Detailed Description